Day 2

Another stunning day… almost inspired to walk.. but spent an hour doing cardio and strength training instead.

Pulled out Jenny’s recipe sheets and rustled up banana pancakes for breakfast. mmm

My open house schedule was disrupted and the 2.30 appointment I had set up last week cancelled at the last minute.. Grrrr… to top it all off… I took Jenny’s advice and pulled out the dreaded scales. What a horrible shock.. the respectable weight loss I had achieved last summer had magically reappeared and dispersed itself over my hips and waist.

I put aside a little time to make up a batch of Jenny’s life saving protein power balls and consoled myself with the knowledge that she had included pate in her list of snacks recipes.  Bliss.

Lunch was hot pate smeared over sliced cucumbers and celery stalks. I am not even missing my chocolate hit.. licking the food processor bowl was almost as satisfying as swiss chocolate frosting.

Dinner was left over snapper blended with green beans, homemade chilli paste, ginger, garlic, 1/4 cup of coconut meal and and egg.  Pan Fried in coconut oil and served with salad and a tomato & fennel sauce blended from the pan juices from the night before.


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