Day 3

Was up bright and early, raced out to put up my open house signs and catch the Farmer’s markets on my way home.  I must have been day dreaming.. possibly about champagne and chocolate… because I missed the turn off and sailed past to Noosaville.. I parked miles away from the markets and felt quite pleased with myself as I power walked with my little shopping basket.  There is something quite seductive about shopping in a paddock.  The heirloom tomatoes at the first stall are my favourites… I am sure they are all organic.. they must be .. they actually taste like tomatoes!

I headed home to have another go at Jenny’s banana pancakes.. this time I added a little coconut meal and cut it back to 2 eggs… the consistency was more of a pikelet and I threw in the aging blueberries that had been haunting my salad crisper… they looked a bit wizened when I tossed them in .. but magically they puffed up and exploded with juice as I bit into them later.  A little squeeze of lime juice really helped cut the sweetness.

Celery and pate served as mid morning snack.

Late lunch of leftover fish balls and salad.

Feeling energetic, well actually, trying to get over the craving for a gin at tonic, I dug out my old yogalates dvd and diligently bent my poor aching bones into a semblance of the graceful movements being demonstrated by the inspiringly agile group of women on the screen.  I am sure if I keep at it, I will one day get rid of the niggling pain in my lower back.   Alternatively, I could visit Janet’s “boss of her bones” physio and find out what is actually wrong with it.

Dinner was supposed to be the Goat’s Neck acquired at great personal cost at the organic food store… sadly the cooking process took slightly longer than anticipated and by the time the meat was falling from the bones.. I had finished off the last of the fish balls and nibbled more pate and cucumber . a combination I am starting to favour over bread (fortunately.. as that is another unmentionable food group).

Here is the recipe I used for the goat.

Season the goat with oregano and black pepper, then brown the meat in a sizzling hot pan with butter and olive oil.

Soak a handful of figs in the juice of half an orange and spoon in some chilli paste (I made some up  from scratch using a thermomix recipe some time ago)

Remove meat to pressure cooker and saute the chopped vegetables in the same pan the meat was cooked in.

Tip all the ingredients into the pressure cooker with a couple of cups of stock and half a can of coconut milk.   I let it cook for about 2.5 hours…I have just stuck my finger into the gelatinous roux and I can tell you it is delicious… looks like lunch tomorrow.


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