Day 4

I am sleeping really well… when my head hits the pillow that is it.. no more waking intermittently through the night.. as the sun comes up and the cat gets hungry I seem to be awake and ready to go… I was really worried I would be craving all the time… but its actually  not that bad!

I put on the yogalates video and managed to coordinate my inhales and exhales to a large extent… there is some hope that I will one day graduate to yoga!

Chopped up swiss brown mushrooms, those lovely heirloom tomatoes, some asparagus and zucchini for an omelette for breakfast – was a bit worried about protein so chopped up some left over smoked salmon.. I imagine it is on the not allowed list .. but it is fish!! Couldn’t eat it all so will keep the rest for lunch.

Nibbled a power ball with a cup of tea for a mid morning snack.

Finished the veggie omelette for lunch washed down with a glass of water and lime slice.. so pretty in the last of my red wine glasses.  It’s interesting how much nicer water tastes in an elegant glass!!

Arduous afternoon in the office followed by an even more arduous walk from Sunrise Beach up to the headland at Sunshine Beach.. thank god for Jayne if she wasn’t there to distract me from the endless sand I suspect I would have turned back about half way along! There is a lot to be said for roping in your favourite gossip buddies for long walks!

I have to tell you the Goat Neck Ragout is outstanding… I am not sure about the science of removing sugar from my diet, but if this is how it works I am in caramelized heaven.  Could not help licking at the sauce… the figs added a lovely texture and the meat really was more of a confit.. I served it with a light and fluffy mash of sweet potato and pumpkin with orange zest and a little juice… sprinkled a little cinnamon over it too.

There is lots left over.. I have a small terracotta dish that seems the perfect way of controlling portions.   Looks like I will be enjoying the spoils of my slavery for a few days at least.

I kept the vegetable peelings & orange skins aside and with the addition of an onion and kale stalks along with the neckbones picked out of the stew, made a lovely light stock for my future endeavours.

The kale snack was a little bit of a disaster.. I had popped the tray into the oven while I heated through the sweet potato and pumpkin mash…sadly in my excitement to try the goat, I left the kale in the oven.  There were a couple of pieces that weren’t completely singed… the flavour was quite nice albeit a little smoky.  Will have to have another go at that one I think!

Actually, I would make the goat combo again … it would be a lovely dinner party dish.. easily prepared in advance.  Perhaps not tell anyone what they are eating 🙂


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